O Lord
To You belongs praise for the sky
You hast split into dawn for us
Giving us to enjoy thereby the brightness of daytime
And the bounty of your Grace

So here I am, O Lord, at the gate of Your might
Humble, seeking the wealth of Your Love
Though I have sinned
Never once You left me alone
In this cruel world
Searching for the true meaning
Of this confusing life

Guide me O Lord
Make me live a pure life
That would include in itself what I desire
Would achieve what I love
In such a manner
That I may not do what You hate
That I may not commit what You have forbidden

Let me love You O Lord
In such a way
That I may see You in everything I do
That I may enjoy a full heart
For I do not ask anyone beside You
Nor do I entertain hope from any other than You

Bless me O Lord.


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